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Things to know

The Country

  •     Area: 513,115 km²
  •     Extent N-S: 1770 km
  •     Extent W-E: 780 km
  •     Population: more than 64.2 million
  •     Capital: Bangkok (Krung Thep)
  •     Population BKK: approx. 10-12 mill.
  •     Time zone: UTC +7h
  •     Country code: +66
  •     Language: Thai
  •     Form of government: Monarchy
  •     Currency: Baht (THB)
  •     Electricity: 220 V - 50Hz, adapter US
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Optimal time to travel

Generally, the cool and dry months from December to February are recommended as the main and best time to travel to Thailand. The months of March to May can be extremely hot throughout Thailand. However, in many parts of the country, especially in October and November, you must expect heavier rainfall. However, one should not equate the "rainy season" in Thailand with continuous rain.

  • Daytime temperatures in Bangkok range between about 26 and 36 degrees  Celsius all year round.
  • The statistically average temperatures are between 26.1 and 30.4 degrees Celsius - calculated over the year.
  • The annual average temperature is 28.4 degrees Celsius, and the annual average rainfall is 1,498 millimetres.
  • Bangkok is in the tropical climate zone

    Medical emergencies and vaccinations for Thailand

    In Bangkok and the major tourist areas, medical care is equivalent and of a high standard in international hospitals. Services must be paid for immediately, as with private insurance. If you need medical attention, be sure to get a bill with an English translation and the nature of the treatment. Be sure to submit this to your health insurance company. Private insurance companies will reimburse you partially or in full. Check with your insurance company beforehand. You can also take out travel health insurance for reimbursement.

    There is no social security agreement between Thailand and Germany.

    Vaccinations are not required for entry into Thailand. However, tropical doctors recommend at least the following vaccinations in good time before departure:


    •     Diphtheria,
    •     Hepatitis A,
    •     rabies,
    •     tetanus,

    if you are unsure, seek advice from your GP if necessary.

    Opening hours

    There are no legally regulated closing times in Thailand, so all large shops are open 7 days a week (including Sundays). Small shops and traders open and close at their discretion.

    •     7 Eleven: daily 24 hours (ATM).
    •     Department stores: daily 09.00/10.00 - 22.00 hrs.
    •     Small shops and markets: early in the morning until late in the evening
    •     Office hours: approx. Mon. - Fri. 08.00 - 17.00, Sat. 08.00 - 12.00
    •     Banks: Mon. - Fri. 09.00 - 15.30 (note bank holidays!)
    •     Authorities: Mon. - Fri. 08.30 - 16.00 hrs.

    Price bargaining

    Fixed prices are the norm in large shops as well as department stores and supermarkets. In markets and also in smaller shops, you can negotiate prices. The range is between 10 - 40% discount on the initial price quote.

    Payment in Thailand

    The largest banknote in Thailand is the 1000-bath note. The VISA credit card is the most widely used and accepted in Thailand. ATMs can be found at every 7 - Eleven shop. However, not every ATM or bank accepts every foreign card. You should be careful when entering the secret PIN. Fraud and manipulation at ATMs such as skimming also occur in Thailand. Withdraw your money from ATMs at the bank or at places that are not heavily frequented by tourists. In Thailand, the limit for each individual card use is about 19,000 baht. Thai banks charge about 200 THB for each withdrawal, regardless of the individual amount.

    Cash with the EC card:

    Withdrawing cash with a German EC card from an ATM is not possible with every card. Some German financial institutions have converted their EC cards to the V-Pay procedure. The ATM no longer reads only the magnetic strip, but also the chip integrated in the card. The withdrawal is cancelled with the reason that your card is "unreadable" or "invalid". Therefore, inform yourself at your bank before you start your journey.
    Our tip:

    You can get cash at the K - Bank over the counter. To do so, you must present your credit card and a passport.

        Make a note of all the amounts you withdraw in Thailand with your credit card and check the debits on your account regularly !

        Make a note of the emergency phone number for blocking your card!

    Currency exchange at BKK Airport

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    ATMs at the BKK airport

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    We look forward to your visit to Bangkok and we warmly welcome you.


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