Grand Palace

Dear guests, on this day tour you will see the following:

Express boat ride on the Chao Praya River; Grand Palace; Wat Phra Kaew; Wat Po; Talad Tha Tian; Wat Arun Temple of Dawn; Pak Khlong Talad vegetable and flower market; street market.

The tour can also be done with an air-conditioned vehicle which costs €75 within Bangkok, the amount will be added to the Sathorn Pier price when booking.

Our licensed tour guide will be waiting for you either at the meeting point Sathorn Pier Saphan Taksin which we will inform you, or he will pick you up at your hotel depending on your booking.

We are constantly out and about in Bangkok and take up-to-date recordings with the camera for you and post them on our Facebook page. Visit us with a click on the Facebook button and experience the colorful fascination of Thailand.

Cruise on the Chao Praya River by express boat

We wait for the next express boat and without any traffic jam we are already on our way to the first destination on the Chao Praya River, which is also called Mä Nam. Mä is the mother and Nam the water, so mother river. Both the hustle and bustle on the river and the many historic and impressive buildings and temples such as the Lebua State Tower with its golden dome, known from the movie Hangover, Icon Siam, Wat Prayun with its leaning stupa and the Santa Cruze Church are equal to a small cruise, which already gives you an insight into the beauty of Bangkok. The Ta Chang Pier, the former bathing place of the royal elephants, is our destination. Once at the pier, we walk to the Grand Palace, which we will visit afterwards.

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Grand Palace & Wat Phra Kaew

After this walk you go directly to the main entrance of the Grand Palace. Before Bangkok the former fishing village became the capital of the kingdom, the opposite side of the river Thonburi was the capital. Rama I had the Grand Palace and the royal temple Wat Phra Kaeo built in 1782. Since the end of the 18th century, the kings of the Chakri dynasty have ruled here until today. Wat Phra Kaeo, with its multitude of impressive, glittering buildings, houses the Emerald Buddha in the ordination hall. Together with your guide you will see the temple complex with its finely crafted murals and thus get told some interesting stories.

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Wat Pho the reclining Buddha

Continue by tuk tuk to Wat Pho with its 46-meter-long and about 15-meter-high reclining golden Buddha. On the soles are inlaid workers of mother of pearl, which represent the marks of the true Buddha. There are 4 large stupas in the temple, some of which contain Buddha relics or serve as final resting places. In the area of the temple there is also a massage school where the Thais are trained. The Hindu fertility statue Linga which is visited by many women who want to have a baby are also in this area. Then hunger will make itself known and it is time for lunch, our guide will advise you on the choice of food.

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The old Talad Tha Tian Market

Experience with us the old Bangkok with the visit of Talad Tha Tian Market, it is surrounded by a row of beautifully restored yellow painted stores, so no one suspects that inside the buildings is one of the oldest markets in Bangkok. You can tell by the smell, the aroma of dried sea products is in the air as it is stored and sold here in larger quantities. Here you can still see the old merchants selling their wares to local stores, here you get a close up look at the life of the Thais.   A variety of dried goods are offered here, some of which the European does not even know.  Another world in the middle of the million metropolis you do not suspect so.

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Wat Arun Temple of Dawn

One of the most beautiful and important temples in Thonburi is Wat Arun also called Temple of Dawn. The royal temple also called Temple of Dawn next to the old Grand Palace Wang Derm was used by King Taksin. The temple was initially only 16 meters high and was then raised to 67 meters. The central part of Wat Arun is the Phra Prang, four steep stairs on the sides connect a total of four levels, although only one staircase can be used for the ascent. The central Prang can be circled at the top and one has a beautiful view of Thonburi and Bangkok with the Chao Praya River. At the bottom are the four smaller prangs. Beautifully decorated with porcelain shards, it is one of the most visited temples in Thonburi.

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Flowers and spices market

After this highlight we go by ferry back to the Bangkok - side, here there is still something interesting at the actually most tourists pass by without taking note of it, we show you this unique place. Afterwards our journey continues on foot the short piece to the "Pak Khlong Talad", to the flower market. You will see many traditional street vendors on the way there as well. For more than a hundred years, flowers, fruits and vegetables of different varieties are advertised here, let yourself be enchanted by this variety of plants. Our tour guide will also let you in on the secrets of Thai cuisine and its spices. Of course, nothing stands in the way of tasting one or the other fruit. After Pak Khlong Talad we will return to our starting point.

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Tour price

80 € p.p. from hotel or Sathorn Pier by public transport including transfer

We can also do this tour with air-conditioned van, in addition the following price for the van within Bangkok for 8 hours

70 € air conditioned van with air conditioning


  •     Daily
  •     Day trip
  •     08:45 Arrival Sathorn Pier (Saphan Taksin)
  •     09:00 Tour start
  •     Pick up hotel by arrangement
  •     Small group 2 - 8 persons


  •     German speaking tour guide
  •     Entrance fees
  •     Lunch / drinks still water
  •     Express boat ride
  •     TukTuk ride
  •     *Longtail boat

*when booking the impressive clone tour 

Own expens

  •     Other personal expenses
  •     Tip for the tour guide
  •     Tip for the driver

Special features

The tour itinerary and the individual sightseeing objects may possibly differ due to weather - or traffic conditions, large-scale closures, lighting shutdowns at the buildings, airline departure times or closures of the sights. The decision is then up to the tour guide in charge in consultation with the person who contractually booked the tour. If the tour is continued in a different way, with other sights, the tour is considered to have been carried out. Please note that clothing must be appropriate when visiting temples. Click here for the chart! Skirts must fully cover the knees, pants must be ankle length, and shoes must be closed (no flip flops). Before entering the ordination hall or Viharn Noi, please remove your shoes and enter barefoot. We recommend that you wear socks for hygienic reasons. Please do not sit on Buddha - or Chinese statues for photo opportunities, please observe the rules of the temple, especially the Buddhist faith. Women are not allowed to touch monks, so keep a respectful distance. Greet the Thais with a friendly wai and you will get a smile back.

Impressions and encounters in Thailand

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We look forward to your visit to Bangkok and we warmly welcome you.


Your team from Green Bangkok Tours TSB day tours

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