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Klong Tour Thonburi - Time travel to the Klongs of Thonburi

Note Longtail Boat Klong Thonburi

Dear guests, please keep in mind that the piers in the Chao Praya River are all designed for large express boats and hotel shuttle boats. The traditional longtail boats are smaller and therefore there is a height difference to the pier that has to be overcome when boarding and disembarking. Depending on the pier, this can be up to about 50 to 80 cm. Millions of visitors have to climb into the boats in this way. This means that some help may be needed when getting out of the boat. When getting into the boat, contact with the pier may occur if one is not careful. For pollution, injuries and damages you are responsible a liability by us is excluded.

Dear guests, on this half-day tour you will see the following:

Thailifestyl at Klong Thonburi ; fauna and flora; Wat Kun Chan; Wat Pak Nam; artist district; Wat Kuhasawan; the mysterious monk.

Our licensed english speaking tour guide will pick you up at Sathorn Pier Saphan Taksin or at your hotel depending on your booking.

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Many Bangkok - visitors always make the mistake of booking a canal tour at the pier, for which they sometimes pay a lot of money, which is not worth it. To drive through the tourist canals in an hour at top speed may bring cool wind, a little refreshment and quickly flying past landscapes or houses, but nothing more! A nice canal tour only makes sense if you have a tour guide with you who will instruct the driver and who also knows the history of the canal and the sights that were built directly at the canal. Many temples were built along the canal, as it used to be the normal "traffic route" for the locals. Even today you can see isolated boats in the canal, which transport loads such as salt or other goods.

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We therefore embark on a journey into the canals, which most tourists do not see so. Passing old houses made of teak wood, which are getting on in years. Now you may see a large crocodile-like creature lying in the sun. It is the lizard or also called monitor, which has spread in Bangkok and Thonburi. The animals are rather shy and make off when you get closer. Our boat driver will go as close as the canals allows and you can see the animal up close. Then we continue past flowering shrubs that have an intense color. Rotten beams and sandy ground make one or the other hut lean or even collapse. But you see that very many inhabitants live with it.

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Our first destination is Wat Kun Chan, the temple with the Phra Ra Hoo, which looks scary. You can see the big Buddha statue from afar as you approach. Have a look into the canal Especially when we feed them you will be amazed how they are up for grabs. The attraction here is a masseur, a bowl with oil and an iron shaped steel piece heated with charcoal. If he is there and has customers, you may be able to observe an original fire massage by an old master who performs it with his foot. The only one in Bangkok who still knows this technique. He works for a tip that the afflicted give him. Please understand if one or the other customer who is being massaged does not want spectators.

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In part, you can look right into the wooden houses as you drive by and see people in their normal surroundings. Our next destination is a small colony that houses some artists such as painters and puppeteers. You can not only look at beautiful paintings here, but also buy them. Of course you can visit the puppet - theater and admire the old artfully decorated puppets. You will see in the theater some antique exhibits from the former times. Then it goes also already by the narrow lanes and ways to our well-deserved lunch, perhaps Khao Pat with Kai Douw Song Fong. The choice is yours and our tour guide will advise. After lunch we continue our beautiful canal

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You may see the women washing clothes on laundry day, which is still done by hand here, or when they are off school the children bathing in the canal From time to time you see one or the other Thai meditating on the terrace. Other highlights are a drive past a salt factory in the ancient style, here the salt is still loaded into older boats. If necessary, you can see how the small boats are loaded at the salt factory. These are also very interesting photo objects. On the way you will see the huts of the local people, which look poor and make the difference in society very clear. Observe the wildlife, you can see many kinds of birds, which obviously feel very comfortable here at the canal

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You will see a rich fauna and flora, a green island in the middle of Thonburi, as you would not imagine in a metropolis of millions. We continue and reach our highlight, a temple of a special kind, which has it all. This you have probably never seen, let yourself be surprised, because we do not want to reveal everything beforehand. After visiting the temple and the surrounding area, our trip almost comes to an end. We drive out of the canals Then we head south directly back to Sathorn Pier Saphan Taksin from where we started our canal tour or we bring you back to the starting point of your tour. And don't forget, our cheap Green Bangkok tours from Sathorn Pier Saphan Taksin also start from here.

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85 € p.p. from hotel or Sathorn Pier Saphan Taksin by public transport.


  •     Daily from Sathorn Pier or hotel
  •     10:00 o'clock - 11:00 o'clock tour start according to arrangement
  •     Duration: about 4-5 hours
  •     2-9 persons

in case of longer waiting times at the locks, the tour may take longer, the tour duration depends on the lock times!


  •     English speaking tour guide
  •     Longtail boat
  •     Lunch
  •     Entrance fee

Own expense

  • Drinks
  • Tip for our tour guide
  • Tip for the longtail boat driver
  • Other personal expenses

Special features

The program is to be seen in each case as a guide. The route may vary due to weather conditions, water levels or lock closures. The decision of the route is then up to the responsible tour guide in consultation with the boat driver.

We look forward to your visit to Bangkok and we warmly welcome you.


Your team from Green Bangkok Tours TSB day tours

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'A time travel to the Klongs of Thonburi'
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