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The highly qualified tour company in Bangkok.

The owner of the company is Ms. Jia Patcharee, the company TSB day tours is licensed by the Tourism Authority of Thailand. Ms. Jia Patcharee was born in Bangkok, she studied business at the University of Bangkok and has a university degree. It is in possession of the license "Tourism Authority of Thailand". Since we correspond personally in German with all guests before their arrival in Thailand, we can respond in detail to their wishes and ideas. We answer all questions in advance, maintain contact and also provide advice. We are particularly recommended for families with children and seniors who need more care and time. We will make your stay in Thailand a success and an unforgettable experience. We attach great importance to reliable cooperation. The satisfaction of our guests is our top priority, be it your tour, transfer and hotel booking or the pick-up service for your Bangkok tour, you have the best service from a single source.

Jia Patcharee
Jia Patcharee

We look forward to your visit to Bangkok and we warmly welcome you.


Your team from Green Bangkok Tours TSB day tours

We have the optimal group size for Green Bangkok tours of 10 people.

As part of our tours, we conduct group tours inside and outside of Bangkok, the group size on your tour is no more than 10 people. If you wish to do the tour alone as a private tour with a tour guide, we charge 15% of the tour price. Private guide tours are not affected. Within Bangkok city center you have the possibility to choose from 3 variants. However, we recommend the tour from the hotel lobby, as this is safer and easier for you. The transfer costs from the hotel to Sathorn Pier Saphan Taksin and back (center) are included in the tour price. Outside the center we charge an additional amount that you can ask for. Please refer to our website for prices. On the tours without an air-conditioned van, we use the normal means of transport, which are also used by the locals. Of course, you will be walking a little more on these tours.

Bangkok Tour

But during the tour we also use the TukTuk, public buses or motorbike taxis so that you have more time for the sights and do not have to walk through long streets that are uninteresting. You benefit from this time saved. In this way you will experience Thailand even closer and more intensively. If you have booked an air-conditioned van for the private guide tour, it accompanies the tour and is used as required. For 4 people or more, we recommend booking an air-conditioned van, as the costs for taxi, TukTuk, etc. are almost the same when using public transport. We recommend that our guests book the Klong Tour as an option on the private tour in order to fully enjoy the unique tours. You will find a detailed description of this unique tour here.

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We make more of your vacation

Our guides will show you their country with pride and joy and you can be sure that they are presenting their country at its best. We differ from other agencies because we only use guides who we know personally and who have met our requirements. We don't want to push guests through temples under time pressure, but want to have a balanced, varied tour. Our tours also include eating in a small cookshop or strolling through the small alleys in Bangkok, which tourists normally do not come to. We have air-conditioned vehicles available depending on the number of people and luggage. The use of means of transport for our guests is designed in such a way that we travel by air-conditioned van, express boat on the Chao Praya River and the traditional TukTuk. I hope that with this little piece of information I have introduced you to our concept and we thank you for your interest.

Airport transfer:

We will pick you up at Suvarnabhumi Airport or Don Muang Airport Bangkok exit gate and drive you on the direct route to your booked hotel / accommodation. If you book a transfer guide, he will help you check in and out of the hotel and, if necessary, solve problems immediately with the hotel management. We will bring you to your connecting flight to Don Muang Airport Bangkok on time so that you can reach your destination in Thailand safely. At the end of your stay, we will bring you back to the airport in good time.

Bangkok City Tours, Shore Excursions and Airport Transfers for Crusaders from Laem Chabang:

We recommend all AIDA / COSTA / PRINCESS / SILVER SHADOW / SEABOURN / Celebrity / Mein Schiff cruisers who arrive in Bangkok and want to see the city to stay overnight in Bangkok. Overnight stay from € 25 in a clean, well-kept accommodation. You can book sightseeing tours in Bangkok and outside of Bangkok with us as long as the cruise ships are in port for 2 days. Our agency carries out special Bangkok tours and shore excursions from Laem Chabang for all cruise ships that dock in Bangkok or Laem Chabang. We plan your tour in advance based on your time slot and pick you up at Suvarnabhumi or Don Muang Airport Bangkok. We will bring you back to the base in good time so that you can reach the dream ship safely. The cruise ships are not located directly in Bangkok, as many think, but are about 130 km south of Bangkok in Laem Chabang in the container port. Even taxi drivers from Bangkok can sometimes only find the cruise ships with a time-consuming search, which causes costs.


We do special Bangkok tours with backpackers so that you can save time and money and see and experience the main sights without wasting too much time. With our service you have seen in 2 days what others need 4 days to do. This & quot; more time & quot; benefits you. We give you security on your journey. You can call us 24 hours a day in an emergency. We will pick you up in an emergency at low cost, no matter where you are in Thailand. We will arrange all the necessary formalities with you.

City tours / Day tours:

We take you to the most beautiful places in Bangkok such as the royal palace with the royal temple Wat Phra Kaew. Experience one of the night markets, enjoy the enchanting ride on the Chao Phraya River. Take a longtail boat with us into the Klongs and experience the people on the river. Marvel at the large monitor lizards lying in the sun on the shore and the variety of plants. We take you to the most beautiful and interesting places outside Bangkok such as the River Kwai, Maeklong Railway Market or experience pure nature in one of the national parks.

Round trips:

We bring you to the most beautiful places so that you can not only see and experience Bangkok, but also come to Chiang Rai or Chiang Mai as far as the golden triangle. Visit the Mekong Delta or the Krabach with us, we will drive you to the Long Neck Women in the jungle to show you the way of life of the minorities. The diversity, the culturally different regions, be it in the south, west, east or north, simply have to be seen and experienced. Be it the 7 or 2 day tours and then an extensive bathing stay on one of Thailand's beautiful beaches, we make sure that everything works smoothly, from arrival to departure. You get everything from a single source. Visit the most beautiful places with us, we will guide you safely and purposefully through beautiful Thailand.

Chatuchak flower market

We look forward to your visit to Bangkok and we warmly welcome you.


Your team from Green Bangkok Tours TSB day tours

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