On the way to the holy relic

Dear guests, on this day tour you will see the following:

Historical buildings along the Chao Praya River; Wat Intharawihan; Golden Mount (Wat Saket) ; Ban Bat alms bowl making; Giant Swing; Wat Mangkon Kamalawat; China Town.

The tour can also be done with an air-conditioned vehicle, which costs 75 € for 8 hours inside Bangkok.

Our licensed tour guide will pick you up either at your hotel or at Sathorn Pier Saphan Taksin, depending on your booking.

We are constantly out and about in Bangkok and take up-to-date recordings with the camera for you and post them on our Facebook page. Visit us with a click on the Facebook button and experience the colorful fascination of Thailand.

Wat Intharawihan

This tour is unique and one of a kind as we use the express boat and also walk short distances and take the tuk tuk. We reach the pier and through a small street, small flower shops line it. On the right you see isolated old townhouses, some of which are a hundred years old, and adventurously laid power lines. When you see the lines, you have to wonder that everything works here. We take a TukTuk directly to Wat Intharawihan. The oversized Buddha statue is unique in Bangkok and therefore one of our destinations. Antiques displayed in some cupboards enrich this temple. The urns with the ashes of the deceased are also displayed here in cupboards open to everyone.

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Wat Saket | Golden Mount

We leave the temple and walk a bit so that you get to know the normal environment at the temple and how the people live there. The thais, who prepare their goods fresh, sell them at the temple. And on we go by TukTuk, it saves our precious time and we head for Golden Mount. Arriving at a small bridge, we walk the short distance so that you can also observe the locals at their daily work. In the area of the golden Mount, also called Wat Saket, many woodworking companies have settled, which process the valuable teak wood. We climb the golden Mount and walk up the narrow path, which is beautifully overgrown with plants. The view from the upper viewing platform, where the sacred Buddha relic is also located, will impress you.

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Ban Bat Community

As we continue our journey through tradition and culture, you will see how the alms containers called bat are made in the traditional way. With simple hand tools, the containers are made and worked by the community, called Ban Bat, according to the rules and wishes of the monks. The people living in this community still master this ancient art, which originated in Ayuttaya. After the war against the Burmese, they went to Bangkok and settled here. The bowl is welded together from several pieces and then worked with a hammer. Each piece is unique and the sound of the bowl is one of a kind, you will experience it. After this experience we head towards China Town, of course not without having our traditional lunch first, which will fortify us for the rest of the tour.

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Sao Ching Cha | Giant Swing

Sao Ching Cha, or Giant Swing, was built in 1784 by order of King Phra Phutthayotfa Chulalok Rama I. The swing ceremony was traditionally considered a solar ceremony. The swing ceremony was traditionally considered a sun ceremony and was aligned to stand along the course of the sun, it was swung from east to west during the ceremony which was very dangerous. On the way of our tour it stands with its gigantic dimensions between Bangkokcity Hall and Wat Suthat. Dangerous competitions were held here, which were later banned because many accidents happened. The swing is made of six teak logs. The two large supporting beams have a circumference of 3.50 metres and are over 30 metres high. Four short beams serve to reinforce the supporting beams; these are about 20 metres high and have a circumference of 2.30 metres.

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Wat Mangkon Kamalawat

And we continue directly in the direction of China Town. Our destination is Wat Mangkon Kamalawat, a Buddhist Chinese temple from 1871 - 1872, also known as Dragon Lotus Temple. Since many Chinese live in China Town, it is always well visited by locals. The temple is also said to house the ashes of the founder of China Town. And we continue on our adventure trip, we visit a beautiful traditional market that is already waiting for you and that offers almost everything. All kinds of jewellery, clothing and much more are sold in great style, if you need a gift for your loved ones, this is the right place. After this interesting tour, our tour guide will take you back to the starting point of the tour.

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Tour price

70 € p.p. from Hotel Lobby or Sathorn Pier Saphan Taksin by public transport.

105 € p.p. from Hotel Lobby or Sathorn Pier Saphan Taksin by public transport including canal tour Thonburi


  •     Daily
  •     08:45 Arrival Sathorn Pier (Saphan Taksin)
  •     09:00 Tour start
  •     Hotel pick up by arrangement
  •     Small group 2 - 8 persons
  •     Duration: approx. 8 hours


    •     English speaking tour guide (other languages also possible)
    •     Arrival/departure Sathorn Pier by public transport
    •     Lunch with drinks (still water)
    •     Entrance fees
    •     Express boat
    •     Tuk Tuk / Bus
    •     all public transport
    •     air-conditioned van on booking

      Own cost

      •     Tip for our tour guide
      •     Other personal costs


        The tour itinerary and the individual sightseeing objects may possibly differ due to weather or traffic conditions, large-scale closures, lighting shutdowns at the buildings, airline departure times or closures of the sights. The decision then rests with the tour guide in charge in consultation with the person who has contractually booked the tour. If the tour continues in a different way, with other sights, the tour is considered to have been carried out. Please note that clothing must be appropriate for visits to temples. Click here for the chart! Skirts must fully cover the knees, trousers must be ankle length and shoes must be closed (no flip-flops). Before entering the ordination hall or Viharn Noi, please remove your shoes and enter barefoot. We recommend that you wear socks for hygienic reasons. Please do not sit on Buddha - or Chinese statues for photo opportunities, please observe the rules of the temple, especially the Buddhist faith. Women are not allowed to touch monks, so keep a respectful distance. Greet The Thais with a friendly wai and you will get a smile back.

        We look forward to your visit to Bangkok and we warmly welcome you.


        Your team from Green Bangkok Tours TSB day tours

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