Maeklong Railway Market and Floating Market Tour

Dear guests, on this day tour you will see the following:

Trip to Maeklong Railway Market with train ride (Talad Room Hoob Market; Floating Market Damnoen Saduak; Boat ride into the mangrove forests with floating monkeys; Shrimppest - making.

Our licensed tour guide will either meet you at the meeting point Sathorn Pier Saphan Taksin which we will inform you about, or he will pick you up at your hotel depending on your booking.

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From 3 participants you get a free boat trip, beautiful canal tour in the Klongs of Damnoen Saduak through the market.



Salt Salines

After our guide has picked you up, we can start the tour reliably and safely. We head south from Bangkok by air-conditioned van to Samut Songkhram province. Already on the way you will see interesting things like the salt pans which are flooded with fresh sea water. After the salt has been drained, it is painstakingly extracted and piled up into small salt mounds that look like sugar loaves. The salt is then sold by the roadside and of course delivered to all parts of the country. Of course, the production of the salt pans also interfered with nature and destroyed a lot of green space, mangrove forests and plantations were cut down. This encroachment on nature has contributed to flooding during heavy rainfall, especially in the rainy season, as the land here is very flat.


We drive to a small railway station and take a beautiful ride on the unique narrow-gauge railway that comes from Ban Laem and goes to the famous Talad Rom Hoob Market or the "Umbrellas Back" market in German. As the train enters, you will experience the originality of this extraordinary market. The sun canopies on long poles are quickly retracted as the train enters and extended as it leaves, so that the sun does not shine directly into the small market as the heat is unbearable. Unique and one of a kind is the Train Market, a sensation as the train passes over the displays. We then visit the Maeklong Railway Market, which ends at the station, extensively and you get to know the rich spices and food in Thailand. Notice the variety of goods on offer here. Some you will probably not know.

The floating market in Damnoen Saduak

Afterwards we go directly to the Floating Market in Damnoen Saduak, which is very well known and also popular, especially as it is still one of the few "floating markets" outside Bangkok. This market with its klongs is over 100 years old and was built during the reign of King Rama IV. There are about 35 km of klongs that can be navigated in this area. Of course, the market is developed for tourism, but the interesting thing are the market boats, on which some of the traditional charcoal fires are still used and the food is cooked and grilled, just as it was more than 100 years ago. Experience the market, watch the market women in their boats doing their work and you can see the simplicity of the way of life in the Klong. The women still cook on the boats and offer their delicacies as in the old days.

Mangrove area

Then we head into the natural area to Klong Kone to the transition from the river to the sea, where we take a traditional boat into the mangrove area. Passing the traditional wooden houses on stilts we enter the estuary area, the world of mangroves and monkeys. Afterwards we drive to our special mangrove - area, and if you like, you can plant a mangrove tree, tide permitting, ask the guide if this is possible! At low tide, you will also see shell collectors digging shells out of the muddy ground and collecting them in baskets to sell at the market. On the way back, you will be taken in by our "monkey family" with their many cute babies, who come right up to the boat. Of course we don't miss this and watch them from a short distance.

Shrimpest production

After this experience, we return to a selected traditional seafood shop where there are many varieties of fish. We will prepare a mix of fresh, culinary Thai specialities of this region for you and our tour guide will introduce you to the seafood. Do you know the so-called traditional shrimp paste or prawn paste, which is used for the preparation of dishes in the Asian region? We will show you how it is made and you can also try it. In shrimp farms, the shrimp are dried and processed into shrimp paste. They are first stored in large containers as a dark red mass, then filled into small containers after they have matured or cut into blocks, packed and sold.  After this interesting and eventful tour, we drive you back to Bangkok to the starting point.

Tour price

100 € p.P. Tour price from hotel or Sathorn Pier Saphan Taksin | Tour with air-conditioned van




  • Daily
  • Day trip
  • 07:00 Arrival Sathorn Pier (Sapahn Taksin)
  • 07:00 Tour start
  • Meeting point hotel by arrangement
  • Small group 2 - 8 persons


    •     English speaking tour guide, other languages also possible
    •     air-conditioned van,
    •     Lunch,
    •     Longtail boat,
    •     Railway ticket

        Own cost

        •     Drinks
        •     Other personal costs
        •     Tip for our tour guide
        •     Tip for our driver

          Special features

          The tour itinerary and the individual sightseeing objects may possibly deviate due to weather or traffic conditions, airline departure times or closures of the sights. The decision to change the tour itinerary then lies with the tour guide in charge, who will then determine an equivalent new destination, if necessary in consultation with the guests. The sequence of the programme points in the mangroves is subject to daily or seasonal tidal fluctuations (tides). For this reason, this must be considered flexible and is solely at the discretion of the local experts involved. Attention, in the rainy season you do not always see the salt pans / salt mines at high tide. In the rainy season it is not always possible to plant mangroves because the water is too high. In the rainy season you don't see shell divers in the estuary. From inland to just before the mouth, you may see a few. As the train is sometimes cancelled for the whole day, we are forced to go directly to the market or the train is delayed for up to an hour, in which case the delivery station may change. 

          We look forward to your visit to Bangkok and we warmly welcome you.


          Your team from Green Bangkok Tours TSB day tours

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          Photography © COPYRIGHT by TSB
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