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1. Subject matter The following general terms and conditions apply to all legal transactions between TSB Travel Agency, hereinafter referred to as “provider”, with their contractual partner, hereinafter referred to as “customer”.

2. Conclusion of the contract With the booking, the customer makes a binding offer to conclude a contract. The contract is only concluded through the written confirmation of the provider in the form of an invoice / voucher, in particular through the payment of the total amount by the customer for the service offered.

The services result exclusively from the respective annex to the tour and the implementation description on the website.

The deposit serves only as a security deposit, agreed changes / adjustments to a tour that deviates from the website and the respective facility must be shown in the invoice, only the invoice / voucher serves as the legal basis, not the mail traffic.

The contracting parties must therefore check invoices for correctness and, if necessary, complain in writing.

The basis of the invoice are transfers / payments that can be proven to have been received by Deutsche Bank or PayPal, errors are reserved for all invoices. In the event of any uncertainties regarding payment, guests are required to provide proof of the deposit and final payment in the form of a copy of the transfer slip; this is the only basis for the invoice.

3. Services, remuneration The scope of the contractual services and the amount of the remuneration result from the service description of the respective offer as well as from the information in the order confirmation. In the event of discrepancies between the information in the offer (e-mail) and in the order confirmation, the information in the order confirmation applies in the form of the invoice. Our offers are valid for 5 days.

4. Payment When booking, a deposit of € 50 must be paid in advance. For tours with hotel booking, the hotel room price is due as a deposit. The remaining payment must be transferred up to 14 days before the start of the journey.

5. Changes in services and prices

5.1. Changes and deviations of individual travel services from the agreed content of the contract, which become necessary after conclusion of the contract due to unforeseen restrictions and which were not brought about by the provider in bad faith, are permitted to the provider to change the tour, provided the changes or deviations are not significant and do not affect the overall layout of the booked trip. Expenses for sights that are chargeable and cannot be visited will be reimbursed. The course of the tour and the individual objects to be visited may vary due to weather or traffic conditions, large area barriers, lighting switches off in the buildings, departure times of the airlines, or closings of the sights. The decision then rests with the tour guide responsible in consultation with the person who is the contractual partner. The tour is generally considered to have taken place.

5.2 Tours from Laem Chabang are generally carried out with a minimum of 6 people, for evening tours we need at least 3 participants, should participants fail for evening tours and the necessary number of people cannot be reached, the evening tour will be canceled and the amount for the evening tour refunded. Guests who have already booked can then withdraw from the entire tour and receive the full amount refunded.

5.3 The provider guarantees the prices confirmed with the order confirmation.

5.4. The provider reserves the right to pass on the additional costs incurred by the provider to the customer up to the agreed travel date in the event of an increase in flight prices and / or government fees such as entrance fees, port or airport charges or a change in the exchange rates applicable to the trip in question.

5.5. In the event of a subsequent change in the travel price, the provider will inform the customer immediately.

5.6. Accommodations The accommodations in apartment houses offered by the tour operator are not hotels in the sense and the services, facilities and quality can therefore vary significantly. The customer who books an apartment room is not entitled to a replacement or reimbursement of the rental price. With the conclusion of the contract, the customer agrees to this restriction. Some of the rooms are offered without breakfast.

5.7. Hotel room When booking hotel rooms, the general terms and conditions of the respective hotels apply. The booking of an offered hotel room in the description in the high season is not always guaranteed, the organizer can then rent an equivalent (star) hotel.

5.7. Transfer In the case of transfers, it is generally not permitted to take other people with you in order to obtain a price reduction. This must be agreed with TSB in advance and the person booking the transfer is obliged to inform the driver of this before the start of the journey. If necessary, he must contact us immediately. Taking other people along is not only prohibited for insurance reasons without our consent.

6. Passport, visa and health regulations The provider is not responsible for informing travelers about the provisions of passport, visa and health regulations and any changes to them prior to departure. It is the responsibility of the customer to inform the travelers in this regard.

7. Cancellation by the customer before the start of the journey / cancellation costs

7.1. If the customer withdraws from the contract, the provider can demand compensation for the travel arrangements made and his expenses. In principle, € 25 is charged for the administrative effort.

7.2. In the event of cancellation up to 30 days before the start of the tour, 35% of the total amount

7.3. If you withdraw from the 29th to the 20th day before the start of the tour transfer, 50% of the total amount.

7.4 In the case of cancellation between the 19th and the 14th day before the start of the tour transfer, 60% of the total amount.

7.5. In the event of cancellation 13 to 3 days before the start of the tour transfer, 70% of the invoice amount.

7.6. In the event of cancellation 2 days before the start of the tour - transfer start or no-show at the start of the tour transfer 90% of the invoice amount.

7.7. If a hotel booking or dinner cruise or other additional services are canceled by third parties, their terms and conditions apply. We recommend that you take out travel insurance, which may cover cancellation costs in the event of a breakdown.

8. Withdrawal and termination by TSB Travel Agency TSB Travel Agency can withdraw from the concluded contract if circumstances arise for which we are not responsible. In exceptional circumstances that make the trip considerably more difficult, such as natural disasters, strikes, protests, airport closures, attacks, closings of sights. For these reasons, the schedule of a booked tour can be fundamentally changed.

9. Liability A claim for damages against us is excluded. TSB is not liable for third-party services that are merely mediated, including, for example.

Transfers or boat trips. When doing canal tours, please note that the piers in the Chao Praya River are all designed for large express boats and hotel shuttle boats. The traditional longtail boats are smaller and there is therefore a difference in height to the pier that has to be overcome when getting on and off. This can be up to approx. 50 cm.

This means that one or the other help is needed when getting out. We are not responsible for accidents, damage or soiling of clothing and we accept no liability. People who cannot cope with this difference in height at certain landing stages and want to exclude damage, wait in the boat or are driven by van to the next highlight, where they meet the group again.

When boarding the longtail boat and taking a ride, the guest bears sole responsibility, as he is aware of the risks. The guest must therefore report to the guide in good time. We are only agents for all accommodations / hotels and all kinds of transport. Participation in a tour organized by TSB Agency is at your own risk and responsibility.

The participants are responsible for adequate insurance cover, as well as for compliance with the legal provisions of the respective country of travel.

10. Warranty / defects Travelers are obliged to report detected defects to the tour guide immediately in order to keep damage to a minimum. You have to do everything possible to avert damage. According to the legal regulation in travel law, a reduction in the travel price can only be asserted if the traveler has notified the tour operator on site of the existence of the defect.

Oral notification is also possible. For evidence purposes, however, the notification should regularly be in writing or by e-mail, fax, etc. made or at least secured by drawing up a defect report together with the tour guide.

11. Exclusion of claims and statute of limitations Claims must be received by us in writing within 30 days after the contractually agreed termination of the service. The limitation period is 6 months after the service has been provided.

12. General we reserve the right to correct errors as well as printing and calculation errors. Oral agreements by third parties or other assurances of any kind are only effective if they have been confirmed by us in writing.

12.1 Images During our tours we occasionally take pictures of our guests, which we see under GäPost images on our website. By booking the tour / transfers in accordance with our terms and conditions, our guests agree to this. If someone does not want this, we must be notified in writing beforehand.

13. The place of jurisdiction is Bangkok / Thailand.

Email: info@green-bangkok-touren.de

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We look forward to your visit to Bangkok and we warmly welcome you.


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